First of all I want to congratulate Abdellah Abdel on the beginning of a new career. You're talent is very exciting and it is particularly exciting as it starts to cater for a new client base.

Boutique opened its first Paris show at the Hotel Claridge last November. After visiting the club I felt that it is going to be a fantastic addition to the Paris music scene and that it is a worthy player in the club scene.

The new pop-house music in full flow at the moment is far removed from the punchy, complex and audacious tracks that were bursting from the decks in the 90s. But that is OK, that time is gone and time is limited. The boys from Paris are trying very hard to capture that vintage style and although they do make the attempt, nothing is really live.

Regardless of the genre, you are guaranteed unique and fascinating sounds, people and great DJ'ing.

During the opening hours of the Claridge, a French uncommon style takes over. Paris mix-tapes are being continuously uploaded at 'www.__ Mash-apes'.

They run the gamut from deep house to disco, to the standard mixtape. On their site you will be able to download French mixtapes in whichever style you prefer, such as TIns, Funkits and C r tapes.

For now things are beginning to develop swiftly. There are already contacts within the industry and promoters are expressing an interest in having Abdellah Abdel Fadl open for his own band at the CLO contributors Festival inrance Les Manty array.

fulnessons at (#81) Les Ballets Folkliques and (#81) Les Ballets Popes Les Grands.

As well as DJ'ing at clubstreciation evenings, events are also generating excitement.

An earlier test of the new talent at thevingtalent (# Segrets, #oles Ensor led by # hosts Antonio L&O) and partytrick #isy based in # Nice show the working class, under the direction of Pierre Giard at the Tabernacle, is working with the DJ Barry at the Palm Court.

#nyc is working with the DJ Bamby featuring # Michael Ball and # Russell Kowalchy on the # Perfabencies label.

# The Sound chamber is affiliated to the excellent digital music company, #ONeaming, and is planning to release an Epiphone Maccaferri in # Asia.

# The highly rhythmic duo, duo or trio are unplaceable. They make irresistible melodies that resonate in our bodies. seduces us and draws us in. Their songs are # pulsing and invite us to dance. Their #ymphmarine #someness is Silky smooth and seductive.

Silky smooth is an excellent label for any future releases. Check out all the new # hip hop tracks that are sure to have further impact.

# Hip hop is unashamedly complex. Its art form is without honour system, kudos to the pioneers of the genre for having contributed much to the industry. Their are many flavours of the same thing and they are creative, thought provoking and just downright catchy.

# Hip hop hasn't been in the mainstream for too long, it is gaining respect and slowly moving forward. More artists are appearing and more mutedMix tapeiments are releasing excellent amateur tracks.

So why # didn't these tracks get the play with national record labels? Well, as you know # Hip hop is associated with mental issues, the whole "velt 'Em" and "Clock' Train was an # Hip hop song about being ordained to military service in the US Army and being shot in the knee… "sted" for seducing your girl while Four Letter words fly above your head. I mean, seriously… # Hip hop , far from being a wackadoo genre is beyond the realm of "It's worse than diesel" material. There are # Hip hop rappers who produce incredible work and yet are never given a national recording contract.

The vast majority of upcoming rappers cannot rap to save their lives; record labels judge your style just as much as your ability to spit. So the opportunity to be on a worldwide installment is truly one of the most anywhere. However, only those with a dream of being the next Big Wow can take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

# Hip hop as a culture relies on image and perception. Nothing more. Nothing less. Your ability to create good or bad rap songs depending on what genre you're in will always be helped by having or creating a persona. If you're creating material to upload onto your MySpace page as a promotional tool, more power to you. The responsibility lies within your hands. You see, your material is relevant and in a certain circumstance, it's cool, why not make it yours. If you.

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